Phonics – Alliteration

Listen to the phonics video and play the game. Please put a comment on Tapestry to say you have watched it. Thank you.

Monday 25th January – Snow

I hope you enjoyed some time in the snow yesterday. Thank you for some of the photos you have sent me. Please keep sharing anymore you have, they are lovely to see. I have put a photo of myself and my sons with our snowman we made yesterday.

Perhaps you could go out and explore the snow again today. What does it feel like? See if you can write the first letter of your name or maybe your whole name in the snow. You could write your numbers and make that amount of snowballs to match. Maybe you could draw the Three Bears in the snow or make them. I have also put a winter counting sheet and a snowman cutting sheet you may like to have a go at.

Have a lovely snow day!

Number 3 Game

Please play this game by clicking on the picture to help you learn number 3.

Kids hands showing the number three by fingers. Icon of hand and fingers for counting education. Childrens vector illustration. Digit 3. Hand sign