We have been collaging and colouring pumpkins to think about autumn, harvest and Halloween. Please talk to your child about what happens in autumn and go on a walk to collect leaves, twigs, conkers, acorns etc. You can bring them into school when we start back on Monday. We hope you have a lovely holiday. It has been a great first half term getting to know all the children and we have been amazed with how well they have settled. 😊

Circle Time – being thankful

This week our circle time was thinking about what has made us smile and how to show gratitude and be thankful. We also played a game of ‘Keeper of the Bells’ where one child had to take the bells from the middle of the circle without being heard. It was good fun!


We have been practising our cutting skills this week. We coloured in Mr Bear and then made snips around him to look like he was furry. Please get your child to practise using scissors at home to cut out pictures from magazines or old birthday cards. It would be lovely to share photos of your work with me on Tapestry.

Peace at Last Story Map

This week each family group has made a story map to help remember the story ‘Peace at Last.’ We have been very proud of how well the children listened and joined in with repeating words and actions. Well done everyone! See if your child can remember any of the story at home.

Circle Time

Today the children sat beautifully to listen to each other. We discussed ‘Who looks after you?’ and ‘Who have You helped this week?’ We finished with the ‘Magic carpet’ where one child gets selected to sit on the carpet and people say why they like to have that person in the class.