Mr Stor brought in his turnip which we planted in Nursery and he continued to grow it at home. He had to pull it up out of the soil and it was hard work like the man found in the story ‘The Enormous Turnip.’ However, Mr Stor’s turnip wasn’t as big as the one in the story! He is looking forward to cooking and eating it. Are you still growing your turnip plant at home? How big is your plant? Please share some photos with us on Tapestry.

Drama – Pirates

We had a lovely drama session today, we thought about different emotions and acted out being pirates doing different actions and voices. We also thought about all the things which we would find under the sea and what type of treasure we may like to collect.

Circle Time – Changes in Nature

Today in Circle time we talked about what we see outside in summer time, including how the leaves are on the tress, flowers are growing and many mini beasts are out. We compared this to the winter and thought how they are different. Also, many children gave lovely kind comments to their friends on the ‘Magic Carpet.’

Float and sink

This week we have been testing different materials to see which ones float and would make a good boat for a little figure. We learnt the words ‘float’ and ‘sink’ and discovered if our predictions were correct. Can you remember some of the things which floated and the things which sank?

Exciting arrival!!

We are very excited to have some new arrivals in Nursery. We have some live tiny caterpillars! There are 10 caterpillars and we are really looking forward to watching them grow and learning about their life cycle. Do you know what will happen to them when they have got bigger?